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President's Blog

Messages from our Dear Leader


Sunday update

Posted by on in President's Blog

I arrived at the airfield at 7:30 to find Peter, Bill and Val already with posts in hand for the new clubhouse awning.  The four of us made good progress until it was time to start launches.  Sadly there were few starters for the day.  As we did not have a designated instructor Bill generously offered to take up young Sydney (from Allora) for his second flight.  Sydney is now a new member and we need to help him feel welcome to our club.

George Brown and Stew Hamey arrived as the only cross country starters for the day.  We also received a visit from Cameron Davis (and his partner Cindy). Cameron has flown with us before and is keen to get into gliding.  He hopes to transfer closer to Warwick in the near future (from the Gold Coast).

Yours truly did the towing and although there was only 4 launches everyone had a great flight.  Sydney spent almost an hour under Bill's expert guidance and then Cameron also enjoyed a lengthy flight in the PeeWee.  He assures me he will be back.

As I left for Mundubbera around 4:20pm I heard from George at Pittsworth on his way home.  It seems he managed a very creditable 397km at 83kpm.  All of this without a 'Top'...

Meanwhile, back at the camp, Peter and Val were beavering away on works at the clubhouse.

See you all soon,  Dan

Bill takes young Sydney from Allora for only his second flight ever...

Cameron just manages to fit in the front of the Pee Wee.  He enjoys his flight and vows to be back.

Look at that lovely glider - no more the 'hunchback'…(George does almost 400km to prove he does not need the 'iron thermal').

Peter and Val continue with improvements to the clubhouse - this is going to be a great addition.

On the way home, just passing 8,000', under a nice cloud, my vario (VSI) indicated 20 knots of climb for a few seconds.  I just managed to snap this a few moments later.

If you subtract a natural climb rate of 500 FPM that is still a pretty handy thermal….




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Just another day in Paradise…..

Posted by on in President's Blog

I arrived early to find Peter Plunkett already mixing concrete for the footings for the awning on the western side of the clubhouse.  With great help from Bill & Val the day before much progress had already been made.  I started helping as best I could then along came Logie (the old 'bear'), along with David and Denis who promptly helped with bringing out the beams and then pruning nearby shrubs.  All in all, a great team effort.

Brad phoned in and confessed that he had got the roster 'screwed-up'.  Val promptly offered to fly WPS while I quietly suspected he might just have had a better 'offer' for the day:-)

$lutsky and Andres also made their presence known and I knew I had companions for a quick jaunt around the Downs.

Bill should have been with us in OT but generously he helped fix the brake cable on WUN so settled for a late afternoon flight in the Dimona with Val after the work of towing had been completed.

Logie took first launch in the PeeWee with Gerry Golder of Goondi (that has something of a ring to it I reckon).  They must have had a pretty good fight judging from the chatter coming across the airwaves.

Soon after the single seaters got airborne a storm started brewing to the south so Stu, Andres & I scurried off to get away from it.  The next three or so hours was filled with pleasurable gliding that only the Downs can deliver.  5-7 knot climbs to around 7,000' and a great task to Millmerran, Dalby and return.

The three of us just managed to get back before the afternoon closed in with heavy showers and storm activity shutting down the rest of the day.

Back at the clubhouse it was time to help Peter again with the building project.

Meanwhile $lutsky packed up the LS-8 for a visit to the re-finishers.

I have not seen traces from Stu and Andres but I managed a most satisfying 295km at 88 kph.

Tomorrow promises to be another great day - make sure you get here to enjoy it !!!

El Presidente


Peter prepares concrete for the footings with willing helpers around..


This is what I was greeted by just after launch - not time to mess about - just head off and hope for the best...

Sharing the skies with a bunch of 'flocking' ibis (and one wedgie) about 20km short of Dalby.

After the flying it was back to work…Peter is looking for a level to get that post straight..


How many people does it take to de-rig an LS-8??

I do believe Val was born with a paintbrush in her hand.  Just do a quick touch up of OW while you are there Val….


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A 'character building' day...

Posted by on in President's Blog

On Saturday I was committed with family responsibilities so can only recount that there was good activity with the PeeWee kept busy (Erich in the back seat).  Jason Turner was present to continue his training and Peter Plunkett returned after a long stint down south.  Additionally we received two new members - Jeff Simpkins (Laurie's uncle) and Michelle Dodd (after many years since she last flew).  Nine Knot Nige graciously provided the towing services.  He also launched $lutsky, Andres, Scottie J and Greg Wilson.  It was a hot day with an inversion and not till late in the afternoon did things get going.

Sunday promised a lot and suggestions of a 500km flight were mooted (Nige's idea of course).  Val did a great job in WPS (as always). Greg Wilson and I headed of at around 11:30 with only 4,800' under our belts.  It was a bit ambitious but both of us thought it could only get better.  I should have known better when 'Canny Old Bill' decided to leave OT in the hangar.  It was hard work until finally we broke through the inversion to get around 6000' north of Pittsworth on the way to Jandowae.  Soon after (just before Dalby) Greg was close to landing out so I decided it was time to head back to base in case a retrieve was required.  He managed to gain height and we both made our way home although I was on downwind at Bange's airstrip before getting another thermal just in the nick of time.

Others to launch on Sunday included David Bull (BY), Laurie Simpkins (TQ) and Stewart Hamey (OW) all were smart enough to remain closer to home while Greg and I struggled northwards and back again.  Erich instructed in the PeeWee and was again kept busy with Peter Plunket(who hasn't forgotten a thing) and Jason Turner (making good progress).

Eventually I made it back but Greg pulled up short in a paddock just 3kms short of home.  I commend him on making the right decision rather than push on for a 'skinny' glide home.

Ultimately I logged (wait for it) 249.15km on OLC and was pretty happy to have achieved that.  On return (after helping Laurie and Greg get PII into the box) I found MOB and Matt Anglim doing some final work on BK before she is returned to service.

Another great weekend - don't forget that there will be flying from Boxing day until New Year's Day (independent operators).  Let me know if you are interested.



Jason Turner in the front seat of the PeeWee with Erich the Red keeping an eye on things from the back seat.

Leslie Dam with lots of ski boats.  Why are they all down there burning all that fuel when they could be up here getting more excitement under solar power?

Greg reckons he picked a decent sized paddock in which to park PII.  A very simple retrieve.

Since Greg wanted to put the Pegasse in the box anyhow we reckon he parked it in a paddock just to get 'free help'.

Laurie, Greg and I get the Pegasse back in the box just in time for a late afternoon beer before Christmas:-)



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Just another fantastic day on the Downs….(where the bloody hell were you?)

Posted by on in President's Blog

Saturday morning 9:30 am as I descended through 5,000' bumps were already evident along with fluffy cumulus popping all around. This looks promising I thought.  At the airfield it was just Brad and me but then along came Logie, Vance and Adam Sinden and the venerable George Brown.  Jason Turner had also arrived.  Jason is new to our club and, as an ex hang glider pilot, he knows what he is getting himself in for.  Please go out of your way to make Jason (and all new members) feel welcome when you come across him on the field.

George and I decided to try for DDSC and Dalby and then see what the day offered.  On the way to the launch point I spotted 'Canny old Bill' with his head into the Dimona instrument panel and convinced him that this could wait - the day was too good to be wasted working on a powered aircraft.

Logie did the honours instructing with Brad in WPS (thanks fellas).  Meanwhile George (in the 'humpback') and I wended our way northward.  Canny old Bill followed behind about half an hour later and gradually began to play catch up (as only Bill can).  From Dalby we turned towards Millmerran where George decided to head to Inglewood while I chose the 'softer' option of direct Killarney.  Within 20km of Killarney I noticed a large cell developing just to the east of the ranges and decided it was no place to be in a glider so then turned northward eventually making it to PIttsworth and back half way to Stanthorpe. Somewhere in all this Greg piped up in PII following a late launch.  At 5:15pm I took a 5 knot thermal to 10,000'  I finally landed at just before 6 after (can you believe it) 499.35 km.

What a great day - I just hope you had some really good excuse for not being there….


George, how could you do that to such a lovely glider?

Brad waits for customers as he laments the poor turnout...

Jason Turner and Logie prepare for launch in the PeeWee

How's this….6 knots at 11,000' - not too shabby….

It was best to keep a wide berth on the large cell over the ranges.  That was one mean mother...

Back on the ground just before 6pm.  That storm cell just kept getting bigger...

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The 'Christmas Do'

Posted by on in President's Blog

A great weekend of gliding and camaraderie - if you weren't there you really missed something.   

Saturday looked promising and several gliders took to the skies.  Your's truly, Lucky Phil, and Bill took the first launches heading towards DDSC.  Later $lutsky, Andres and finally Sid in the Pik were to be heard in hot pursuit.  It was a good run out and then onwards to Wyreema but soon after that both Phil and I found ourselves struggling in a washed out sky (while canny old Bill cruised on effortlessly of course).  Finally we limped home after abandoning any thoughts of making the final leg via Killarney.

Erich instructed Adam Sinden and took up a couple of AEFs (of a total of three for the weekend).  The towing on Saturday was shared by Sid, Val and nine knot Nige ( a real team effort).  Noel and Brigid arrived later in the afternoon.

MOB, Matt Anglim and Stuart Addinell also arrived to work on the Form 2 for BK (bad timing fellas).  It was great to see them at the field again as they have all been rather pre-occupied with young families and work pursuits. Tony Scarlett plus Denis and Pat Nolan also came along for dinner (WU is out of action due to trailer problems).  Dan Atkinson was present with his mum and his grand fan, nan, Jan (who just happened to be celebrating her birthday as well).  Dan was not his usual cheerful self as he is in mourning for WA in hospital for urgent surgery.  It was great to see Ivor before he heads off to the deep south again in the new year.

That night was our Christmas dinner.  It was another splendid meal by Val and her team of expert assistants.  After dinner we were privileged to hear from George Lee a recount of his life in aviation which included three world gliding titles and a host of meritorious achievements.  In retirement George has been coaching many of Australia's junior pilots many of whom are now performing extremely well in the competition environment.  George has recently published a book on his exploits - if you would like a copy (a bargain at $15) just let me know so I can put you in touch with him.

At dinner we were very pleased to enjoy the presence of Yvon and Garry Hagan (Errol Spletter's sister and brother-in-law).  They presented Warwick Gliding Club with an extremely generous donation from their family in recognition of Errol's love of the sport and his long association with our club.  

Sunday showed even more promise.  This was Clyde's day in the SZD so I was to sit it out:-(

There were many other starters including Val (OT), Young Sid (VF), Andres (WR), Stewart H (OW), Les Milne (KJ) and Very Lucky Phil (SL). Most notable was Laurie Simpkins with a fully restored Slingsby T51 Dart (apparently 'not the dart').  This glider is of around 1964 vintage and had not flown for more than 24 years.  It is a real credit to Laurie that he has done such a commendable job.  A true work of art and a fine example of the last of the wood and fabric era.  He apparently forgot to fully instrument the glider before flight - the most important piece of equipment was missing - a small length of wool affixed with about 1cm of nitto tape :-(

Although Sunday was a cracker day it seemed everyone needed to get home early.  In the PeeWee Owen did the honours as instructor - he flew with Noel, took Laurie for a check flight and managed an AEF.  Noel was later to take the PeeWee solo for the last flight of the day.  Erich (the red) did a zip around in the SZD after Clyde landed and he is still trying to wipe the smile off his face (using the same soap as Very Lucky Phil).  We are always enormously thankful to our dedicated tug pilots and Ivor was outstanding in this role again - he will be sorely missed for the next 12 months while he is in the Antarctic.

Don't forget we will try to organise flying (independent operators) over the Christmas/New Year period.  

I look forward to seeing you back at the field again real soon.  Don't let all of those 'other things' get in the way of gliding.......

Cheers for now, Dan

The impressive new Toowoomba airport in construction - somewhere between Wyreema and Oakey if you have not yet seen it.

This was taken after a great flight to DDSC but just before falling in a big hole just south of Wyreema.

Stu Addinell with the Warwick Winter Cup trophy in honour of the first winner - Errol Spletter.

With him is Garry and Yvon Hagan who presented a generous cheque from their family to honour our friend and colleague.

Sid gives a very warm birthday wish to Dan's fan nan Jan after a rousing rendition on the piano.

Ivor did the towing on Sunday - nice hat mate...... are you on our way to the Antarctic or the Sahara??

Laurie about to launch in the Slingsby T51 (apparently 'not the dart')  -  nice job of restoration there Laurie - that is a very sexy looking glider.



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You'd think I'd get the hint......

Posted by on in President's Blog

Last blog I lamented on the fact that I had to soar the skies by myself.  This weekend was no different.  Looks like the new deodorant has made no difference....

Saturday was a washout following the best part of 2" of rain (50mm for those who don't understand).  Today looked not much better with a 15kt sou' easterly punching in and wet paddocks all around.  At best it would be a little local flying or possibly just circuits.  Somewhat reluctantly I prepared the SZD and looked around for flying partners.  

Noel showed up with a crowd of friends and family.  He decided to get out the Puchatek as the PeeWee looked as if it would be busy.  John, Doug and Jason,, all Boonah refugees, had arrived to take a flight with the Discus.  Unfortunately this could not be as GWA is with Peter Holmes for its re-finish.  However they would be content with flights in the PeeWee instead.  Val & Bill were present  to help out following a solid week at the NSW comps (Lake Keepit).  Phil S and Sid Dekker were also on the field to carry the important duties of instructor and tow pilot respectively.  Sid also brought along Jonathan and Benjamin.  I figure this to be two more Dekkers - would this constitute a Double Dekker?

It seemed I had only one cross country partner and that would be Scottie in the 'white ant express'.

Soon after midday I launched and found a nice 4 kts to about 4,500'.  Conditions seemed a little better than expected so I tippy-toed out towards Killarney never getting above 5,000' but finding reasonable lift along the way.  However not long in the air I heard 'Alpha Charlie' calling for downwind runway zero niner - so I was all on my ownsome again:-(

From Killarney things got better and better as I made my way north to Wyeeema across to Pittsworth and back for a most satisfying 217km in time to get back by about 3pm for an afternoon departure back to Mundubbera.  It really was much better than expected and a reminder that forecasts are not always accurate and that you bunch of whimps should get out and fly more often to take advantage when the opportunity arises...

See you all next weekend for the Christmas Party - be there or be square.

Scottie - ready to be 'beamed up'.....John and Doug stand ready to assist.

Phil shows clearly just what happens if you push the stick too far forward...........

But you can fix this if you pull it back again real hard..........

Warwick airfield and surrounds look very green and inviting at the moment.

Not a lot of height but absolutely delightful out near Killarney - I suspect that is Mt Warning in the distance.

Heading north towards Wyreema - what a nice sky - where is everybody?

Eight knots instant and 7.7 on the averager as I punch through 6,000' on the return from Pittsworth - bloody beaut I reckon.








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There I was - flying with all my mates..........

Posted by on in President's Blog

Saturday showed promise according to RASP and XC Skies so I headed down looking forward to a good cross country jaunt.  Upon arrival I found Stew, Laurie and Greg all bailing out due to maintenance requirements on their gliders.  A quick phone call to David Bull and he was not in a hurry as it was raining in Brisbane (he dodged hail on the way up).  As I was preparing the SZD for launch, the desperate duo (David Kinlan and Denis Nolan) arrived.  Excellent, I thought finally some flying partners.  It was not to be. WUN also due for a form 2.  What a strange bunch - all with planned maintenance at the height of the gliding season.....

Not to be dissuaded I parked my lonely glider on the grid with the PeeWee.  Logie took the first (and only) launch as an AEF as the rain came down and all looked lost for the day.  Ivor did the honours in TOJ (WPS at Lake Keepit for the NSW comps). I considered towing the aircraft back to the hangar but decided to wait in case it was possible to take a hangar flight later in the day.

Finally things seemed to improve around 1pm so I took a launch and spent almost an hour scratching at circuit height or just within glide of the strip.  Then it all came together 4-5 knots to 8,000'.  As the day went on it just got better and better.  A turn at Killarney following a 7-8 knot climb to 11,000' seemed pretty handy. As I scooted across the sky north of Stanthorpe towards Inglewood Nige decided to get airborne in the RV and we met at around 10,500' around 30k SW of Warwick.  Later in the day, after getting within 15k of Pittsworth, I managed to sneak out towards the ranges again.  Leap-frogging in modest lift I finally connected with a very impressive band of cloud that gently lifted me to over 10,000' at 6pm (Slutsky would have used a more technical term such as 'convergence line').  A blast home at around 140kts saw me back at the strip just before last light.  Only 20 minutes later the wind picked up to a level that made me glad I was on the ground.  Quite happy to have managed better than 300km on a day that looked so unimpressive at the outset. 

That evening a good feed at Mussels Restaurant in town with Greg, David and Nige.  

Sunday the forecast was not so good and everyone packed up early.  Certainly an interesting flight home for me with a line of storms on track requiring diversion to the west.

WA is in the box and David has dropped it off with Peter Holmes for an assessment of repair work to be done to the gel coat.

The view to the SE late in the afternoon.

It became quite interesting close to the ranges.  That is some pretty serous cloud on the 'other side'.

Quite eerie in fact....Cloud above is greater than 10,000'. Soon this would become a massive cell drifting somewhere towards Brisbane (or the north coast).

See you all soon.  Lets hope I can find someone to fly with next time:-(







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Where were you?

Posted by on in President's Blog

What a great weekend of gliding...

Saturday saw a good turnout with several cross country starters:

David Bull (BY), David Kinlan (WUN), Greg Wilson (II), Young Dan (WA, Denis Nolan (later in WA)) Clyde Stubbs (ZDZ), Scott Johnson (the termite express AC), Brad Lange (VF) and later Sid Dekker also in VF, Slutsky (SL), Lucky Phil (KJ), and yours truly (IZW) all lined up on the grid at some time.  It was an excellent day although the early stages were a bit tough at times.  I am please to say that this was my best ever performance at 565km at 93kph. Still much room for improvement as I struggled to keep up with Phil in his trusty hornet (551km @ 86kph). Thanks to Ivor for excellent towing into a great sky and to the venerable Logie Bear for doing the instructing thing for the day.

In fact Saturday was a great effort all round by WGC.  Results on OLC show the following:- Lucky Phil (KJ) 551/86; Dan with the beard (ZW) 565/93; Slutsky (SL) 561/108 (what a cracking pace!); Greg Wilson (II) 464/86; David Bull (BY) 450/81; David Kinlan (who managed his 300k badge flight) (WUN) 328/79; and Scottie Johnson (AC) with a very creditable effort of 190/58 in the plywood rocket.  

That evening following our productive committee meeting (minutes to follow soon) we enjoyed a fabulous curry from Aunty Val.

Sunday also promised well and delivered even better.  

The first job was to rig the PeeWee following a freshen up with repairs to stone chips and odd scratches.

Many of the Saturday starters were ready to try again and newcomers were Stu Hamey (who I believe managed his 300k badge - congrats Stu) plus Andres who flew WA while WR is in for a form 2.  Lucky Phil did the honours as instructor and, in the absence of early student arrivals, headed off on a cross country jaunt to Pratten, Wyreema and return with Treasurer Clyde.  Bill kindly volunteered his time in the tug to help all the rest of us (including Val in OT) enjoy our punt around the skies.

This was one of those days gliding is all about.  We enjoyed a fantastic rip around the Downs in unbelievable climbs up to 12,000'.  Greg and I shared the skies for much of the afternoon and enjoyed it thoroughly (365 and 379km respectively). This was a day when I honestly believe a 750 km goal would have been easily achievable with a little planning.  Unfortunately everyone seemed to have some particularly good reason to have to get home early and we did not quite make as much of it as we should. When I landed at just before 4pm there was at least another 2 hours of quality soaring left in the day. If only one could put this day in a bottle to bring out again at will.

Bring on summer!!!

PS - I am bound to have forgotten someone or a notable event - other can help fill in the gaps..


Just to give you some idea of what you missed this was the sky at close to 5pm as I was taxiing for departure to Mundubbera.


This as I climbed through around 11,500' to my cruising altitude of 12,500' (after 5pm).....I was just skimming cloud base in the cruise

See you soon and don't forget our Christmas celebration on the weekend of 7 December.














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Penultimate weekend to WWCUP

Posted by on in President's Blog

Another great weekend at Warwick as we all race desperately to score last minute points in the much sought after Warwick Winter Cup trophy.  Saturday was fine and clear but that troublesome sou-westerly kept the thermals choppy and hard to centre.  Logie was instructor for the day while Lucky Phil manned the tug.  Les gave our newest member Sid (that's young Sid from just up the road at Allora) for his first flight ever in any aircraft. Reports are the he was rapt and that we can expect to see him back again real soon.  Because we glider pilots are renowned for not being a particularly bright bunch we need to keep thinks simple of course.  Hence 'old Dan, young Dan'; 'old Sid, young Sid'.  Even seemingly complex names can be made simpler e.g. Clyde = Clod, Nigel = Nige - I am sure you get the picture.

There were  a few brave souls who tried to test the skies including Andres (WR), Nige (WA), David (WUN) Clyde (WA) and yours truly with 2 launches :-(   None of us stayed up for very long.....

Sunday was a busy day for many reasons but especially because we enjoyed a visit from an extremely friendly and enthusiastic bunch of aviators from Archerfield.  These included early and advanced student pilots (power) and instructors.  They arrived in a mix of interesting aircraft and cars and reports are that they had a great time.

It was a terrific effort from the likes of Ol Youngy, Phil & Les, Bill & Val, Ivor, Tony, Brad and Clyde (I am sure there were others as well).  Something like 25 launches later with a midday barbeque to boot, many satisfied visitors left the field.  Congratulations to all who contributed to making this such a success.  We hope to see this great bunch back again soon.

It happend also to be a cracker of a day (for late winter) and a wonderful opportunity to register a few late points in 'The Cup'.  Some great flights were recorded - Bill 310k, Andres 292k, Stewart 287k, Clyde 130k and yours truly with a satisfying 325k :-)

A few pics follow, see you all next weekend for our AGM Dinner (remember this is simply a fun celebration of our year - please come along to help us enjoy it).

Yes, that is a body under the wing.  David thought the conditions so exciting he would take the 'low risk' option and sleep it off!

This are just some of our visitors from Archerfield - thanks to Ol Youngy for getting this together - what a great bunch of aviators.

Ol Youngy and Val at WPS

On Saturday Old Dan takes up his new business partner for his first flight in a glider (he has not read the fine print yet that says that joining WGC is a compulsory part of the deal:-)

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Weekend update

Posted by on in President's Blog

Another great weekend of flying and friendship at WGC.

Saturday was certainly not a cross county day with a high overcast from the outset.

Nevertheless our new recruit Adam Sinden (15 years old) turned up with his dad Vance to get quality instruction from  our world famous CFI 'Erich the Red'.

Reports are that Adam is progressing well and appreciated the fact that as the sole student for the day had the undivided attention of an instructor (our CFI nonetheless and tow pilot (yours truly) for the day.

Adam and Erich ready to launch with Bill running the wing.  High overcast is clearly visible.

Sunday looked more promising with an early fog followed by clear skies.

However there was a small turnout.  Jackson Hayes, and Dan Atkinson arrived for flights in the PeeWee.

It was also great to see Owen Morgan at the field after a short absence.

Jackson's dad, Paul gave us a demonstration of his remote controlled UAV while we waited for the thermals to kick off.

Yours truly (IZW) and Stewart Hamey (OW) were the only single seaters to launch.

The conditions were average to say the least with an inversion at around 2000' AGL.

Nevertheless we enjoyed practice at thermalling at low level in generally benign conditions.

Erich thought that mowing the entire airfield at high speed might trigger a few thermals.

Paul Hayes reckoned the mower was a waste of time but his four engined UAV was sure to get a kick start to the day.

Don't forget that opportunities to gain extra points in the Warwick Winter Cup are diminishing.

Better get there soon to make your bid!








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Weekend 4 of WWC - The contest goes on!

Posted by on in President's Blog

Weekend 4 saw a small group of dedicated pilots to experience a beautiful winter weekend at Warwick.  Saturday was very quiet with virtually no thermal conditions following a wet week and a very cool day.  Nevertheless we had lots of aviating fun.  Ol' Youngy was busy taking passengers in his twin engined Duchess, Brad and Val shared the towing and a few hardy soldiers took launches.  Erich was instructor for the weekend and he will no doubt add some comments of his own.

Sunday was quite a different day. Still not a cross country day as the paddocks were very wet but thermals were about if you choose to take advantage of them.  Stuart Lutton managed a creditable 120km flight to the SW over into the tiger country.  Yours truly also enjoyed a flight in that general direction but I did 'chicken out' when the  strip in the distance was starting to become hard to see with a deal of scrub and Leslie Dam between me and home.  At one stage I experienced a genuine 6 knots on the vario.

No doubt Phil will be sharpening his pencil as I write this.  Stu would probably have won the day had he not been driving a 'girly' car (see proof below).

Tempting Cu to the south west - adventurous Stu managed to get there to his credit.

Sadly - all the WWCRAP points Stu stood to win for his flight were negated by showing up in this 'Sheila's car'.

Some interesting cloud and light display during our flight back to Mundubbera late in the day.


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Second weekend into the Warwick Winter Cup

Posted by on in President's Blog

Well, the second weekend of the prestigious Warwick Winter Cup was one out of ten for weather but a full ten out of ten for camaraderie.  A great turnout considering the conditions.  Saturday was overcast with winds at 15G25 knots from the SE.  Erich was the instructor on duty while 'yours truly' did the honours in the tug.  There were only 6 launches but what an opportunity for our two young 'guns' 'Deadly Dan' and 'Jolly Jacko' to hone their skills in testing conditions.  Both conducted their circuits with an excellent demonstration of airmanship. We were delighted to be greeted by our old mate Ray Squire who showed up after almost 12 months caring for his wife, Laurel, who has been quite unwell.  It was really great to see Ray at the airfield and even better to see him fly the Pee Wee for the first time.  To his credit Ray went solo after a check flight with Erich who commented to me 'why not - I was just baggage in the back anyhow!'.



Ray is all smiles after completing his first solo in the 'Pee Wee'.


That evening we all (around 16 of us) enjoyed another wonderful meal organised by Valiant Val with a team of helpers including Trina Young (great to see Trina back as well), Pat (Denis' better 85%), and Dan's fan, gran, Jan.  What an excellent feed and wonderful company.

After dinner Erich 'the Red' presented a thought provoking overview on safety with a focus on PRDs and radio work.  I am sure we all look forward to more on these topics to ensure that all of us are doing everything possible to keep safe and ensure the safety of others while extracting maximum enjoyment from our fantastic sport.

Sunday was rather bleak but a good opportunity to do some work on gliders and generally 'chew the fat'.


Happy and safe flying,



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Errol will long be remembered as an enthusiastic and competent glider pilot with a high regard for safety.  He was also a true friend and one who will be long remembered.  Here are a few images through the eyes of my camera over the years I have known him.



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Another top Weekend at WGC

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Another great weekend at WGC.....

Saturday was a 'cracker' day.  One of those we get only every so often.

Early on Andres was packing up the LS1 for a visiting German pilot to fly at the Nationals in Kingaroy and Peter Plunkett was putting his Libelle in the box for a buyer from WA (nice glider Pete - I am truly sorry to see it go)

Taking the grid was Dan Atkinson (intent on getting his 5 hours), Slutsky, Splutter and one's self.

Later on Nine 'Not' Nige flew the PeeWee with Leigh, Sid did a cross country sortie in the Pik and then Stewart H in his cirrus and Laurie Simpkins with the newly acquired Open Cirrus took to the skies.

Good Ole' Youngy did the towing in style and we owe him so much to the great flights that ensued.

And great flights they were....

Slutsky managed an heroic 597 something klms tracking to Goondiwindi, near Moree and return (via a quick visit to Stanthorpe).

Errol did a 'better than 600km' flight to Goondi and return via a lot of scrub and 'yours truly enjoy his best flight ever with 520km at just over 100kph.

Meanwhile....back at the camp...

Nigel and Leigh did a very creditable 178km in the PeeWee (just to show it can fly cross country) while Stewart Hamey 172km and Laurie Simpkins 286 (first time ever in the new 'half a mo' also put in a great effort even after a late start.

Dan A managed his 5 hours and the photo below shows just how 'chuffed' he was to get this under his belt.  He did not hold back as this flight more that covered his silver C distance as well with a flight that included  Millmerran, Pittsworth, Killarney and several additional legs while he was waiting for the clock to stop ticking.

On top of all this our very own Phil Southgate was flying the flag at the State Comps with an extremely creditable 338km in the hornet (no water) at better than 90kpm (he is my hero).

I have almost certainly missed someone in this line up and I do profusely apologise but hope that others my fill in the gaps here.

Sunday was quite a different day with a strong and gusty SW influence.

 Nevertheless (While the inimitable Sid D flew the tug and Ivor was instructing) MIke Zupanc was cleared to fly WA and Leigh got some experience in testing conditions. Ian McPhee dropped in short on fuel in the Byron Bay motor glider enroute to the morning glory and we managed to fit in an AEF as well.

Great stuff for those who were there looking forward to seeing the rest of you soon.




I think we can genuinely refer to this as 'half a mo'We need to be very very watchful on the airfields of Australia ....Osama bin who? A glimpse from the other side ...Dan looks suitably happy with his outstanding effort..well done Dan (having a great name helps  of course).

   The field at the end of a great day  Slutsky - you really did it this time sir!    Just a nice pic (although not up to Brad's standards)Stewart's beautiful bird after great flightThe 'three stooges'









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22/23 September Weekend

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This is a little late but better than never....

A top weekend at Warwick Gliding Club again!  

Saturday started off with great promise but was a little 'soft' at the outset. Yours truly survived with a thermal on late downwind from a paddock out-landing just north of Pittsworth.  Subsequently a great day with 468km under my belt.  The day did come good with thermals to 9000' to late in the afternoon.

On the day we had a good turnout - some of the starters included Errol Splutter (400K), Stuart Lutton (Slutsky - our Polish representative) Andres, Sid (who ducked in and out without anybody actually seeing him), Nigel (still working on the RV), Greg, Bill Watson, Val (OT) , Leigh Nisbet & Noel Tesch.  Flying the tug very adroitly as usual was the inimitable Peter Young and instructing for us on the day was Bill Wilkinson and Logie.  Others to take to the skies included Stewart Hamey, Brian Gilby (ZAI), Peter Plunkett (Libelle GJW). Michael Zupac also went up for a couple of flights in the beautiful new Pee Wee.

On Sunday many of those from Saturday again flew.  This day was quite a different offering however with a strong inversion at the outset and a 'blue' day by comparison.   Thermals were generally rough, tight and difficult to centre.  Not surprisingly Errol was nowhere to be seen.  Additional members on Sunday included 'Erich the Red' - up with Ian McPhee in the motor glider from Byron, and Barry Cook.  Tony Scarlett instructed while Ivor drove the tug.




The Boonah contingent - ZAI is doing some great flights over the past few weeks.

Nice try Nige - not a patch on Logie however:-(

The line up on Saturday

Ivor in the tug - Sunday

The Pee Wee ready for launch with Tony Scarlett as Instructor

Put it away Brad





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Great weekend

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What a great weekend at Warwick Gliding Club.  Our new two seat trainer PW-6U arrived ready for its form 2 (Stewart already had this in hand with willing helpers).

Saturday saw several excellent flights logged including Stewart Hamey - 224km, Les Milne 213km and Errol 137km.  Phil Southgate did the towing while Tony Scarlett was excellent always as instructor.  The really great news is that Cody Forbes completed his first solo flight.  Unfortunately I don't have a photo to commemorate this event.  Congratulations Cody!

Sunday was a hoot with several excellent flights.  Errol - 360k, Stew - 264k, Dan 225k and Andres 182k for example.  Val also flew (and I know it was a goodie) but she has not uploaded her flight log (tut tut).  Nigel's flight was cut short when he magnanimously offered to return to the airfield to collect Brad from Millmerran.

Again some excellent news as recent solo pilot Dan Atkinson was sent off by instructor Sid for his first flight in the club Discus.  What a smile on his face after landing.

A great weekend and fitting finale for the Warwick Winter Cup.  As always I am sure to have missed something or someone but hopefully others can fill in the gaps.
















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Dan Atkinson goes solo

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Last weekend Dan Atkinson went solo at the age of 15 after only 18 instructional flights.  This is an outstanding effort and we are all very proud of him.

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