Thanks to all members for the special privilege of serving the club again as club president. A very big thanks to Dan and all members of the outgoing committeee for your efforts in the past few years. Dan has done a fantastic job and is a hard act to follow! The club is at an exciting stage of development with our new hangar to be finished soon. So a big thanks also to all who have been involved in this project, particularly Val and Bill, and I know others have contributed. I believe this will bring in new members and aircraft in a very short time, and we will soon see an even more vibrant, active and enthusiastic club to come.

I am delighted that we still have such sterling members with outstanding abilities as Clyde,  Sydney, Erich, Val, Bill, Phil, Brad and David continuing on as committee members, and I look forward to working with them. Noel Tesch has put up his hand to act a safety promotion officer also, thanks Noel! We have a committee meeting planned for Saturday 14 November, all are welcome!

I will also soon take over the role of Regional Manager Operations (QLD) (previously RTO OPS) for GFA from Tony Scarlett, who has done a great job in this role for the last 5 years. A big "well done", Tony! I hope I have not over-committed myself, time will tell, certainly my retirement time commitments are filling up nicely....but no more lengthy trips away are planned! And Andres no longer has Whisky Romeo as his "sole use" I also thank Eddie, Andres and Ken for the very special opportunity to fly this delightful glider in coming years!!

Laurie Simpkins has also very recently taken on the GFA Regional Manager Airworthiness role, well done Laurie! Laurie is of course immensely capable and experienced in this area, and I look forward to working with him in GQ and GFA. So once again our club is "punching above our weight" by filling both these roles.  

A big thanks also to Erich, Bill, Paul, Dieter, Karl, Casey, and everyone alse who contributed to the form 2 inspection on the PW6 over the last 2 weekends. The PW6 will be back in the air this weekend. The aircraft appears to have suffered undercarriage damage thanks to a very heavy sideways landing impact some time this year. The fact that this was unreported is a concern. Reporting such incidents is an essential part of our commitment to a safety management system, we must honour that commitment.

The BOM are predicting a hot dry-ish "El Nino" summer to come....let's make it a memorable one for the best little gliding club around!


Ivor Harris