3 Day Flying Weekend 18th -20th Jan 2019  Warwick

 What a great long weekend to top of 3 long weekends of flying during my holidays

3 days of flying in fairly warm and mostly blue conditions with late starts and late finishes to the day.

Friday saw me launching maybe too early in the Discus and after a good climb charged off to some paddocks on the outskirts of warwick I got a bit of a look at and a healthy reminder that even the glass ships go down in the sink. Found some lift and back to warwick to do a quick photo shoot of Discus with Erich and his young female passenger who were up by this time and having a ball. Hopefully we will see some pics from her in future. Apparently she enjoyed immensely.

Hooked up with Scott then in his Ventus and ventured north of Clifton which proved to be a bit dead and a practise in working hard as still hadn’t kicked off. Finally both heading back to base with our tails between our legs and around 3 pm the sky started to work well. Another hr charging around having fun and finally came back with lift still going off, although some strong sink got me low near the dam when well over final glide, so after 4hrs without a cloud in the sky a cold beer and a yarn beckoned so in for a landing and put her to bed. Nice glider to fly.

Saturday was another hot one predicted with some high stuff over Stanthorpe later in day so my mission in the BG was to try and get to it. Proved difficult to start with with high cu’s visible but out of my glide range over the rough stuff so tried my luck around the strip at  Silverwood as my out landing option and very nearly got to visit them. Kept hitting heavy sink over the tiger country and had to hurry back to Silverwood strip and hang around under 4000 until I found a half decent thermal that got me to 7500 and the courage to head to first wisps of a cloud. Up to 9500 on that and off to the real clouds which topped over 12000. Fortunately had turned on oxy in hope of getting high.




After that tried tracking SW under cloud street but none really worked so after heading east back toward Stanthorpe decided to head for home as back under glide again. Off to Silverwood again as options are very limited and same heavy sink again, but followed by good lift to 10,000 again which guaranteed getting home so headed to Clifton to blow off the height and head back for a coldie after 3.45 in air. Still working and could have stayed up longer. Michael Obrien ventured over there as well and done around 260 klms I believe.

That night young Erich sorted out my Condor Simulator game and we all had fun flying on the projector till late.  A simulator for the club would be great. We even had Bruce doing winch launches and circuits and we all had a go at aerobatics till we broke off a few wings at no risk to anyone. Can even fix it in flight and when you’re low you just press a button and gain thousands of feet!!! Magic!

Sunday was M200 day and as Erich had once again fixed all my electronics ( LX, Kobo, Flarms , Varios and Computers) my navigator and Chief Crew ( Bruce) and i took to the sky with cameras and loggers mounted  to do the Local Bash task. Unfortunately I started just outside the circle but a fun day was had by all and got to fly with David in his LAK FES ,Chris in his new BG12/16 and Scott in the Ventus who done around 200 klms that day. Occasional small clouds around.

Once again day still working but after nearly 3 hrs in 200 we elected to land due to sore backsides and lack of plumbing in aircraft.


Another cook up that night and Erich had me online with Condor Simulator (after much black magic on computers) and flying a task in the Alps I think with a 25 knot breeze. Great fun and you can enjoy a red at the same time.

All-round a very enjoyable three days.

Not record breaking days, hot, mostly blue and stippling on GFA met but still some great flying to be had.

Many, many thanks to all the tug pilots who make it all possible and Erich as well for constantly solving  endless electronic and computer issues.