When I asked a highly respected member and self-confessed weather guru what the weather would be like on Sunday I received a mono-syllabic 'rubbish'.

Apparently this was due to cyclones near Broome, the phase of the moon and a whole lot of other influences that I didn't quite understand. I very nearly hopped on my motorcycle and headed home.

Some 587km at 115kph later (a PB for me on both counts) I still can't quite manage to wipe the smile off my face.

Overall a great weekend. Lots of activity and great soaring to be had. Saturday saw a great line up on the grid to be followed by a similar effort on Sunday.

Towing was commendably performed by NKN on Saturday and by Dieter on Sunday. Instructors were Clyde and Tony respectively.

We enjoyed the company of several Boonah members this weekend including John Tucker, Stewart Campbell and Brian Gilby.

Noel and Bridget with able assistance from Erich (and I am sure others) organised a great feed on Saturday evening. The local aero club were well represented and it was a top evening.

I am sure I have forgotten important detail here but time is short and other can fill in the gaps I am sure.

Catch you at the field soon - don't listen to any 'rubbish' reports about the weather:-)

A sample of the skies from this weekend.

Looking back on the grid today...