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A 1000k day….does it get much better?

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Saturday was very busy with 25 launches.  We were very pleasantly surprised to see Heath L'Strange as a visitor.  Phil towed while Owen did a great job of instructing.

It was not a day I am proud of as I spent most of my two & a half hour flight scratching below 3,500' and came back feeling exhausted.  George Brown to his credit managed close to 270km in testing conditions.

Sunday brought a whole new weather system with promise of things great...

Simple calculation dictates that 512 + 512 = >1000.  Phil (Lucky Phil that is) and $lutsky managed a very meritorious task to Drillham and return today. It was no mean feat given that conditions at the start consisted of a strong inversion with meagre 2-3 knot climbs to 4,600'. Lucky Phil (KJ) headed off and was soon followed by $lutsky (SL), Brad (VF), Matt Anglim (BK), & Andy (WR). Others to take to the sky included Val (OT), Clyde (ZDZ), Laurie (not the dart), Stewie (OW) and Noel (PeeWee).  It was soon obvious this was not a day for the faint-hearted.  After a while we were aware of outlandings and Matt, Brad and Clyde all needed the box.

Yours truly did the towing (with some help later on from Bill), while Les helped with the launches and did a couple of AEFs before biting her nails waiting for Phil to call final glide home (10,800' at 20k out probably guaranteed this).

Huge congratulations to both Phil (his 500k distance finally under his belt) and Stuart for persevering above and beyond the call of duty to make sure Phil was not left alone. Five hundred is always a great distance but as a declared task it is so much the better.

Matt Anglim deserves a special mention.  He admits he is a little out of practice as a young family has preoccupied him of late.  He launched in BK with full water but found it a challenge (as it was for the first hour or two) finally landing at Pittsworth.

As I was just getting airborne in WPS for the penultimate launch of the day I heard a call from Andres & Brad suggesting that Matt had outlanded and would require a retrieve.

At first I thought he was after an aero-tow but that was soon downgraded to an auto retrieve.  Sensible, I thought, a couple hundred bucks for and aero-tow is well worth saving and I was happy to volunteer my services to go and help while 'canny old Bill' did the last launch for me.

However the meter soon started 'ticking over'.  The ensuing dialogue went something like this…..

Matt: (mumbling a bit over the phone) 'Dan, my car does not have a tow bar'

Dan: 'No worries, Matt I can come and get you in the humble Subaru, where is the trailer? [Thinking that has to be worth a carton of beer]

5 minutes later:….

Dan: 'Can't find a trailer with the markings 'BK' on it Matt'

Matt: 'Uh maybe it is not marked' 

Dan: 'Is your's the white trailer that is about 8m long with two black tyres and a towing bar out the front (the only defining feature being that there is no marking on it)? [Also thinking this must be worth a second carton of beer]

Dan: 'Tried to open the trailer Matt but it is locked' [Thinking this must be a third carton of beer I reckon]

Matt: 'Uh, sorry about that the key is in my bag in my car (the one which does not have a tow bar).

Finally I get on the road to Pittsworth for a very simple retrieve as Matt had conveniently found a nice hardstand at the airport where we could de-rig in relative comfort (as much comfort as one can garner at around 38°C+).

Brad and Clyde also managed to find nice paddocks to park their glider in…it was that sort of day.



How good is it to see old mates such as Heath L'Strange and MOB visiting our club…Owen is the third dude in this line up.

Late in the day Owen takes a flight is one very nice glider…that is a credit to you Stew.

Matt would have parked BK in the hanger at Pittsworth…even with the winglets removed she just would not quite fit - damn!

Lucky Phil on finals in the hornet - het punts that thing well.  The storm in the background did become quite nasty only 15mins later.

A very 'happy, lucky Phil' after completing his 500k…..(Dan, hurry up with that photo - I can only hold on for so much longer)

Yes folks - that is a streak of eagle poo on the canopy of the Hornet.  Didn't want to share the thermal with him...…...

The irrepressible $lutsky and a 'very happy, lucky Phil' celebrate their collective 1,000k effort - well done fellas….







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Tiptoeing home around showers on Sunday.

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George & I had an interesting trip home from Jandowie yeterday. After heading North with regular 8 knot climbs I didn't travel so quickly on the way home and took a couple of 2 knot climbs to stay high. There was a huge shaded area accross our route home that I entered about 60 klms out. Luckily it was fairly bouyant and I didn't have to deviate much to stay well clear these showers. The glider did get a decent sprinkling of rain and didn't need much of a wash afterward.IMG_0468.jpgIMG_0464.jpgIMG_0462.jpg

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My first f...

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My first flight in the glider was excellent, the sight from the sky was amazing and I would like to learn more from flying, The instuctors at the Warwick aerodrome are great people and I am going to continue gliding for the best momories in my life it feels great soaring like an eagle and thanks to my instructor Les Millan for great day and a great flight.

Kind regards
Sydney Meharg

eagle and thanks to my instructor Lesmill
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Protected : My 1st 300km and goal flight

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Saturday 2nd November is almost a year to the day that Denis Nolan and I decided to move our Astir to Warwick to start cross country flying. The non descript summer of 2012/13 was a bit of a disappointment to both of us with little chance to test the big flying conditions however that has thankfully changed this spring flying season. I arrived at the club on Saturday morning to find Clyde and Dan A planning for a 300km out and return to Jimbour Silo with Dan P and Phil planning a 500k task. As Denis was feeling crook I had the posssibility to fly WUN so decided to go for the 300k task as well with Denis acting as observer and retreive. I still had Erich's xc training flight from a few weeks earlier in my mind and was not going to meander or pfaff around in weak lift. After launch I got a decent climb and headed off on track getting to Pittsworth in no time, past Cecil Plains there was a blue hole stretching from there to the Bunyas but I remembered Erich's mantra of "blue is good" and headed across the blue void and over the (to me new) landscape of the Darling Downs below. Listening to the radio chatter I marvelled at Phil and Dan seemingly visiting everywhere in SE QLD !. I got to Jimbour Silo in the blue and after confirming with Stuart Lutton I decided to turn for home in case the day shut down on my way back. I needn't have worried as I connected with the clouds again at Cecil Plains and cruised 100km back at 8,000ft most of the way.

So my first 300k in the bag with an average speed of 79kmhr which is a marked improvement on my usual wanderings. A big thanks to all at the club for giving me the confidence to start doing cross country flying, so now its Denis Nolan's turn !

Dave K

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Spring has sprung

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A great weekend to lead up to the State Comps in just a few days time.  On Friday David Bull worked on the PeeWee to complete the form 2 with the expert assistance of our master craftsman Bill Wilkinson. Early Saturday several helpers appeared to complete the finishing touches and organise the re-rigging. Fortunately this went very smoothly reminding us just what a sweet aircraft this is.

A few of us took to the skies for a challenging afternoon.  Meanwhile AAFC were busy doing training for the next generation of glider pilots.

Sunday was a better offering with the odd thermal to 9,000' late in the day.  This augers well for our imminent comp.  David Bull and yours truly each managed just under 200km at about 75kph.  Laurie Simpkins top scored with a very creditable 202km.  Others to fly were Greg Wilson after a big winter break, Stewart Hamey and George Brown.  George spent some time getting back into the tug and as I was his first 'victim' I can confidently say it was an excellent launch.

Stalwarts Val and Ol' Youngy did the rest of the towing for the weekend.

Nige decides to sleep it off while Bill and David complete the Form 2

The underside of the Pee Wee is now 'just like brand new'

Apparently Tully has mystical powers that can conjure up thermal activity.  This she learned from an Indian Guru.

Re-rigging the PeeWee was quite straightforward

TOJ, in it's new livery, flew beside WPS over the weekend for a smooth operation all round.




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New Barman

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New Barman - Denis Nolan

The AGM saw my elevation to the position of Barman on the 2013/14 committee.

Along with the vibrant life of executive privilege enjoyed by committee members comes some responsibility. Mine is to make sure no one goes thirsty or hungry.

 I would like, over the next few months, to lift the level of items available from the canteen fridges. Following, is a list of my suggestions. Please add to this list your own suggestions.

  1. Never run out of Cherry Ripes
  2. Poppers for the kids
  3. Gatorade for re hydration
  4. Bottled water for those amongst us not yet tough enough for Warwick water.
  5. Ice cream for cool nibbles
  6. Frozen pies for the hungry who forgot to bring their lunch


High priority will also be placed upon improving the quality of beer resting in our fridge.

To this immediate end we will be having a “beer of the month” featured. The beer will be selected using two criteria, my good taste and judgement or alternatively, whatever Dan Murphy has on special.

September “Beer Of The Month” is Peroni – Natro Azzurro , fully imported from Italy and satisfying both of the selection criteria noted above.

Available from this Saturday, Same price as the cheap stuff.


Any suggestions? Please email me. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Photo shared by on in Uncategorized

The weather wasn't what everyone expected, low clouds, a few showers, strong wind but there was a very good reason to be there, Lucky Phil 50 birthday.

A few drinks and yummy nibbles provided by the host were then followed by a lovely BBQ prepared by Phil's relatives.

Piano music , some gliding histories, and very nice atmosphere helped to celebrate in style with members of his family and some club members.

For those who missed, a picture of Mr instructor with his candle.


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Its HOT HOT HOT !!!!!

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It was wall to wall gliders as they jostled for early grid position on day 1 of "The Cup".   Gerry "Gundy" Golder grabbed poll position and was the first to score in the WWC3 with Les, President Dan, Young Gun Stewart, Bill and Leigh quickly following and Old Youngy towing.    The day had near perfect WWC conditions and as predicted it was going ooorrrfff.  Those who missed the start will need to dig deep and give 110% to reel in the front runners.   Distances of over 100km have already been claimed from Warwick on the Online Competition (OLC) today so with only 12.5 weekends remaining in the season it is game on !  



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Goondiwindi 2013 Easter Comp Photo's

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