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Flying reports

This is the place to post reports on weekend flying.

Category contains 2 blog entries contributed to teamblogs

What a cracker of a day !   The real soaring season is well under way and Sunday 30/6/19 did not disappoint with no less than 9 OLC files uploaded from Warwick Gliding Club competitors.  With CUs were popping across the sky, gliders jostling for grid position at launch and tense pilots putting their competition game plans into place it was always going to be a classic WWC day.     Heights of over 7000' made for easy WWC Distance kms and it was just pure magic to be in the air.

However Cumulus Carl still has his hand around that Distance trophy's throat but the hot ship Ka6 is a real contender this year piloted by none other than Tony Get Out Of My Way Scarlett tapping him on the back.....tap tap tap.  This is going to get very serious indeed.  

 WWC - Distance 

Pilot Date  OLC handicapped points Distance (km) Glider & Rego 
Carl Jacob 23/06/2019 284.54 250.00 Discus 2B GWA
Tony Scarlett  30/06/2019 191.16 135.72 Ka 6
Brian Gilby  30/06/2019 179.07 152.81 Glasflügel 304C
Scott Johnson  30/06/2019 177.34 157.87 Ventus
Andres Miramontes  30/06/2019 168.91 144.9 Discus 2B GBK
Brian Gilby  23/06/2019 148.02 139.6 HP303 ZAI
Chris Kennedy  30/06/2019 118.66 98.56 Libelle
Matt Sternberg 30/06/2019 77.29 52.66 Salto
Laurie Simpkins 22/06/2019 65.81 48.61 Fokka
Phil Southgate 15/06/2019 37.12 30.22 Std Cirrus GOP
Tony Scarlett  22/06/2019 0 23.46 Ka6

In that other distance competition WWC SLACCA (Self Launching Aircraft Cross Country Award trophy thingy)we have Dictator Dan out in front with David Kick Butt Kinlan close in second place ...


Pilot Date  OLC handicapped points Distance (km) Glider & Rego 
Dan Papacek 30/06/2019 285.9 228.07 JS1
David Kinlan 30/06/2019 166.26 179.18 LAK 17B FES 18m
Erich Wittstock / Dieter Rosner 30/06/2019 130.15 138.84 ASH 25 MI 26,5m


WWC - Points

(good scorers beat good players all the time)


Pilot Total
Phil Southgate 25
Tony Scarlett 24
Erich Wittstock 20
Dan Papacek 19
Brian Gilby 18
Val Wilkinson 17
Andres Miramontes 15
Dave Kinlan 14
Dieter Rosner  14
Carl Jacob 12
Chris Kennedy 12
Matt Sternberg 11
Scott Johnson 11
Robyn Becker  10
Jayden Holt 10
Ivor Harris 9
Laurie Simpkins 7
George Brown 6
Peter Foxton 5
John Young 5
Michael O'Brien 5
John Preimonas  5
Brian Mahoney  5
Stuart Lutton 5
Nigel Andrews 5
Mal Williams  5


Yours until next week





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On Saturday I launched around midday - as did many others, including David Kinlan in the 'Lectric Lak'.  The first hour was a struggle, a real struggle. I spent most of that time between 3,500' and circuit height and used the jet engine at least three times to keep aloft. David was in a similar predicament. Finally we met in a thermal near Boney Mountain where we gained sufficient height to make a start to the north. From there we both enjoyed  cross country flights. I managed a very satisfying 310km at 104 kph. This with a beautiful stint near the ranges late in the day. 

Sunday looked promising at the start but soon proved even tougher than the day before. Carl (WA) and Matt(VTS) were the only other starters. Mal was the kind tuggie who got us airborne.  Carl and Matt had planned a task but soon decided this was not the day for it. Correctly so. I headed off after a reasonable climb to 5,000'. The next couple of hours were gruelling. I managed to get a bit beyond DDSC and back and spent most of the flight between circuit height and around 4,500'. There was a serious inversion at around 5,000'. It was not till I was close to Clifton on the way back that I stumbled across a half decent thermal to 6000' giving me glide home. 

I am the first to admit that I would not have had the courage to embark on either flight without the knowledge that the 'flick of a switch' would get me home if required. On Saturday the jet saved me from a relight but once on task it was no longer required. On Sunday, in spite of the tough conditions, I did not use it once. In fact, in all the time that I have been flying the JS now, I have only actually needed to use the sustainer twice to get home. Each time for no more than 5-10 minutes. It amazes me how often there really is another thermal ahead if one has the courage to push on. So often in the past (I realise now) I have 'parked myself' over a paddock in weak lift only to thermal into the ground.

Having the jet has allowed me to explore the skies on days when I would either have left the aircraft in the hangar or stayed local. It has also allowed me the opportunity to go cross country on Sundays when I know I have to be at work early the next morning. I realise it is not everybody's 'cup of tea' but I must say that it has enhanced my gliding experience immeasurably. I feel unbelievably fortunate to be able to fly such a beautiful piece of aeronautical excellence.

By the way, if you weren't there on Saturday evening you missed another splendid feed care of Val and Matt ('with a little help from their friends'). It was another great social occasion for our friendly club...

Saturday afternoon near the ranges in convergence at around 8,000'

A couple of shots of Matt in the Salto as we worked a thermal near the airfield on Sunday


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Visited HVGC over the easter week  with FOKA 5 EF along with Scott in BG12a AC and Greame Manietta from Caboolture with Cherrokkee NR.

Fantastic week and very hospitalable club. Vintage gliders included 3 cherokkees ( I think all the flyable ones in aus), Open cockpit ASK13, K7, Cobra,Foka 5, SF27M, Dart17R, M200 of course, Bocian ( a delight to fly), Nymph ES56 ( another absosolute delight), KA6, Pilatus ( ex Warwick) and a lot ot of glass from libelle to duo discus.

Flying different machines was part of the fun and although conditions a bit soft at times lots of good flights by all aircraft.

I think there is a glass ship in there somewhere!

If only they had tow hooks !

What a divebrake M200 of course

Checking out the man made hill on base leg!

Lots of holes in the ground,

Two oldies about to launch , did I mean pilots or planes??

ASK13  open cockpit, great video platform and just good fun.

Great week and recommend to everyone. All about having fun and trying different gliders which where quite freely offered

Suspect I will be back next year



Vintage Glider Driver and loving it.


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Lachlan has his first experience in a glider. Need to train up someone to fly the old vintage birds.



Bit casual on the pre- flight checks in the back?

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3 Day Flying Weekend 18th -20th Jan 2019  Warwick

 What a great long weekend to top of 3 long weekends of flying during my holidays

3 days of flying in fairly warm and mostly blue conditions with late starts and late finishes to the day.

Friday saw me launching maybe too early in the Discus and after a good climb charged off to some paddocks on the outskirts of warwick I got a bit of a look at and a healthy reminder that even the glass ships go down in the sink. Found some lift and back to warwick to do a quick photo shoot of Discus with Erich and his young female passenger who were up by this time and having a ball. Hopefully we will see some pics from her in future. Apparently she enjoyed immensely.

Hooked up with Scott then in his Ventus and ventured north of Clifton which proved to be a bit dead and a practise in working hard as still hadn’t kicked off. Finally both heading back to base with our tails between our legs and around 3 pm the sky started to work well. Another hr charging around having fun and finally came back with lift still going off, although some strong sink got me low near the dam when well over final glide, so after 4hrs without a cloud in the sky a cold beer and a yarn beckoned so in for a landing and put her to bed. Nice glider to fly.

Saturday was another hot one predicted with some high stuff over Stanthorpe later in day so my mission in the BG was to try and get to it. Proved difficult to start with with high cu’s visible but out of my glide range over the rough stuff so tried my luck around the strip at  Silverwood as my out landing option and very nearly got to visit them. Kept hitting heavy sink over the tiger country and had to hurry back to Silverwood strip and hang around under 4000 until I found a half decent thermal that got me to 7500 and the courage to head to first wisps of a cloud. Up to 9500 on that and off to the real clouds which topped over 12000. Fortunately had turned on oxy in hope of getting high.




After that tried tracking SW under cloud street but none really worked so after heading east back toward Stanthorpe decided to head for home as back under glide again. Off to Silverwood again as options are very limited and same heavy sink again, but followed by good lift to 10,000 again which guaranteed getting home so headed to Clifton to blow off the height and head back for a coldie after 3.45 in air. Still working and could have stayed up longer. Michael Obrien ventured over there as well and done around 260 klms I believe.

That night young Erich sorted out my Condor Simulator game and we all had fun flying on the projector till late.  A simulator for the club would be great. We even had Bruce doing winch launches and circuits and we all had a go at aerobatics till we broke off a few wings at no risk to anyone. Can even fix it in flight and when you’re low you just press a button and gain thousands of feet!!! Magic!

Sunday was M200 day and as Erich had once again fixed all my electronics ( LX, Kobo, Flarms , Varios and Computers) my navigator and Chief Crew ( Bruce) and i took to the sky with cameras and loggers mounted  to do the Local Bash task. Unfortunately I started just outside the circle but a fun day was had by all and got to fly with David in his LAK FES ,Chris in his new BG12/16 and Scott in the Ventus who done around 200 klms that day. Occasional small clouds around.

Once again day still working but after nearly 3 hrs in 200 we elected to land due to sore backsides and lack of plumbing in aircraft.


Another cook up that night and Erich had me online with Condor Simulator (after much black magic on computers) and flying a task in the Alps I think with a 25 knot breeze. Great fun and you can enjoy a red at the same time.

All-round a very enjoyable three days.

Not record breaking days, hot, mostly blue and stippling on GFA met but still some great flying to be had.

Many, many thanks to all the tug pilots who make it all possible and Erich as well for constantly solving  endless electronic and computer issues.



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It was pretty much as Fitz predicted. Strong high climbs (above 10,000) with winds.

Friday was a corker. Mal, George and I were the only starters with Mal doing honours in the tug.  What a day. Mal top scored with just under 900k. George started a little later to return with 583k and I had my best ever (by a long margin) at around 830k.  I flew Chinchilla, Goodiwindi Warwick with a smaller triangle on return. Mal had a head start and made Miles his first turn point. George did a heroic out and return to Dulacca (somewhere near the NT border I think).

I flew the tug on Saturday so not privy to the conditions upstairs but understand it was pretty tough. I do know that at one stage I had full deflection on the tug just to stop her from tipping over in a thermal off the end of the strip. Erich and Sid in the M200 out the back bunged off as they were tossed so far out of station, recovery was going to be a challenge.

Sunday was very windy and only the hardy (foolish perhaps) launched. Lucky Phil, George, Fitz and me all took our chances. It was one of those days when you wondered what you were doing flying. However I must admit that as the day wore on I actually cherished the experience and am glad that I decided to launch (after much derision from my colleagues when I had threatened to whimp out). Fitz achieved hero status with a monumental 664km in 20-30 knot, gusty, low vis conditions.

South of Chinchilla en route to Goondiwindi

This was the day folks. Climbs to 11,000' and better......

At shutdown on the LX9000

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Right, time to stop mowing the dog and walking the lawn, time to go gliding:

Overview: good run of weather, Friday is probably the pick as it’ll have CU but on the downside it’s a bit too blowy to be great. Sat has a nice wind profile, but it doesn’t have the CU. Sun has great high based CU but it’s far too blowy. All days start early. Suggest they’re probably all bigger than 750 days if you have long wings.

Friday: 10:00 CU at 7000’ 14kt SW. 13:00 borderline CU at 10,000’ 17kt SW. 16:00 CU 11,000’ 19kt SW. Conventional triangle staying under the CU. N first.

debrief: odd looking sky and far from classic over Brisbane but some flights of 899 (mal) and 822 (dan). 

Sat: 10:00 blue to 8000’ 13kt SW. 13:00 blue to 10,000’ 12kt WSW. 16:00 blue 10,000, 9kt SW. Suggest conventional triangle day, North first. Winds have increased by around 2kts in this update but positively the day cracks a bit earlier. Skysight has taken it from an 800k day down to a 550k day for 18m. I don’t know why, I’ve just done the maths and I think it’s still a 750+ day. Basically 6kt climbs to around 7/8000’ agl should put most over 100kph and there are nearly 8hrs of soaring...... we will see. Some talk about 1000 declarations from the other QLD clubs, I’d suggest that is over-reach but I hope I’m wrong!

debrief: 09:30 takeoff and that was comfortable. Skysight underset the CU and first leg N was under shallow CU. Pretty much as forecast with 760k. Still dont understand skysight‘s reticence.

Sun: 10:00 blue to 5000’ 22kt NW maybe light cirrus at worst now. 13:00 CU 12,000’ 24kt WNW No cirrus. 16:00 CU 14,000’ 27kt W. latest skysight run now suggests a run up and down wind if it streets under the CU. If it streets it could still be reasonable day, but without streeting 27kts is a royal pain! We will need to look on sat eve or Sun morning but currently not an early start due the wind, first cu form around Warwick at 11:30 ish and the day is useable comfortably from 11:00

debrief: pretty much right. I never saw 14k cloudbase but it was nearly 13,000 in places. Overdeveloped badly around Warwick and not much sun on the ground. Takeoff at 10:30 was comfortable.

All: I’m going to challenge some conventional wisdom here. No doubt this was a good three days but there is more on offer. Friday had around another hour of flying availabl. The days do crack early sometimes, I could have stayed alive at 09:00 on Saturday and the days aren’t dead at 17:00. I’ve seen a few days now where there are still 2-3kt climbs up high at 17:30. On a high day that’s then an 18:15 landing in the dusk. 0900-18:00 means it’s a potential 1000k day. We can do 1000s out of Warwick and we should be doing so. In the words of the long term S&G writer platypus -launch not lunch.

KR Fitz

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Interesting run of forecasts: both sat and sun are windy........ very windy. Both days have an increase in wind speed and constant direction, I suggest it’ll might wave both days although it’s now less likely. Be interesting to run downwind of Cunningham’s and play in the wave, but with 30-40kts of wind at height getting home will be interesting! NOAA thinks Sunday thermals will peak at 3500m and shows winds at flying heights of around 40kts. Saturday is less windy with 30-35kts at height, blue thermals to 7000.

Debrief: Sat did wave down at Boonah, looks like rotor/thermal climbs into the wave and a couple of wave climbs to 4000m. Wind was indeed blowy with 45kts of headwind at 4000m for us to get home in..... it would have been tricky! Sat looks to have been the windier day in the end. The forecast 3500m for Sunday degraded and was very optimistic, probably nearer 2500m.  The forecast for the week remains very fluid, nothing worth running a mid week operation for i’d suggest. Weds is the highest day at a short lived 3500m, mon 2500m, tue 3200m and thurs 3000m. Tues is the only day without blowy winds, all the other days have between 25-30kts of wind at height. Skysight likes Thurs the best - I’m not sure why, it cracks early (09:30) and lasts til late (18:00) but is blue all day and plagued with a 30kt wind and stippled thermals, not sure it’s upto the 18m 900km that skysight suggests, please prove me wrong Mal!! If it changes markedly i’ll update.

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sun is the pick on the next 10day run: but it’s spolit by being blue for Warwick and having yet another depressingly windy profile.

crack (to 3000’ blue) is around 10:30 on skysight, again noaa is more optimistic and suggests 10:00. warwick stays blue all day with maybe the chance of a few cu around early afternoon. The main cu all form to the N and then receded further N during the PM. Warwick’s profile is very blue by mid PM. That said climbs around Warwick still get upto around 11,000’ in the blue and noaa suggests you may even see a local 12,000’ climb. Winds are a pain, starting around 16kts and increasing steadily during the day to just over 20kts throughout the flying heights. At 16:00 noaa still shows thermals leaving the ground so suggest it should be a later finish.

suggest going N to play under the CU, north of Oakey. someone will do 500 plus but probably from either of the northern clubs which have a much better forecast. That said 500+ is equally possible out of Warwick and there is 7 hours of useable soaring.

debrief: pretty much as forecast, the cu were further south than expected, stayed around WArwick, and indeed it was blue to the far N where we’d expected the CU to show up! Slow to get going but useable (carefully!) from 10:30, winds as forecast and thermals badly broken by it. The cu were hard to connect and for a long time I didn’t think they were talking to the ground but later climbs upto nearly 12,000. Spoilt by broken thermals and the wind. Of note the ground N of Oakey is very green and the thermals north of there were very soft, suggest we stay away from there til it dries out a bit. Dan and Mal proved the 500k theory, well done!

Outlook: Weds is best bet for the retirees, nothing else on offer, NOAA shows around 2000m max for next WE.

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Sat is worth a look and I’d suggest a 500k plus day. 

Winds are light all day. Start time is an issue, NOAA shows 3000’agl by 10:00 but skysight doesn’t get there til 11:30. I do not know who to trust more yet in QLD. Suffice to say thermals to 10,000’ in the good bits, some CU around Warwick but receding to the hills later. Decent looking convergence/sea breeze forms around 16:00 which should be fun. Last climbs around 18:00.  If it cracks a bit earlier than skysight suggests then it should be a 600k plus day. Suggest a leg to the W to start (and form a small triangle) then run up and down the cu line over the hills..

Debrief: NOAA was more accurate on the crack time, there were ephemeral cu around Warwick at around 3000’ by 10:00. First climb at just before 11:00 went to 6000’ under CU so we can go (much) earlier. Cloud base varied quite a bit early between 6 and 4K, the lower CB was over the hills to the south. There were some big blue gaps going N but once north of Oakey the cu were more reliable and bigger. South of Stanthorpe going S it turned blue and was more difficult to work. Pretty much blue everywhere after 16:00. 450k but there was more on offer if we’d gone earlier and indeed later (still 3kt averages at 16:00). Some good 7kt averages but overall 4.2kt average for the day.

Outlook: 4 nov currently shows as a 3000m day and is a possible. KR Fitz

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Sat is worth a look - I’ll send more detail on Friday pm but suggest a placeholder at this stage:

light to nil wind all day, disappointingly late start but gets going just after 12:00, CU around 12:30 with base getting upto 9000’ to the NW. Late finish with 3kts leaving the ground at half five.  Suggest it’s a 500 plus day. Wet ground may slow it a bit.

update friday evening: Forecast has decayed, both noaa and skysight show significant overdevelopment in the afternoon. This decreases lift by around 2kts and heights by 1000’+. Suggest it’s now a 300 ish day, maybe more if you can stay in the sunshine. Sunday is now a bit more interesting, early start with CU all day, i’d Be excited but a wind of 13kts increasing to 18kts during the morning will take the edge of any distances. If it streets it could be a good day. Suggest sun rather than sat now if you’re after kms.

update sat morning: it’s a very unstable forecast for this close in, but now (again) sat is the better day. Still significant overdevelopment to work around but now less stable on sun. Sun shows a few showers and the same (if not more) overdevelopment. Where are the fabled great early season QLD days?

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Just a heads up that Saturday (15 Sept) is looking useable for XC. I’m content (if there’s interest) to forecast and predict any decent days during the soaring season.  If we want it then the bias would be toward XC days rather than training. Alternatively I can do it by text to anyone interested if the club doesn’t want it in this format. 

i generally use NOAA for long range runs (out to 10 days). It reports heights in meters and as agl. It takes an atmospheric cut at 11, 13 and 16:00 during the day and is specific to a point (typically the airfield). I’ll use METVUW to forecast showers and obviously skysight when in to a couple of days of the actual day. Ill reference all the forecasts to which data run they are based on (00, 06, 12 and 18:00Z). So Saturday:

NOAA (13th 00Z) shows a late crack with around 700m at 11:00 with 14kt NW flow. By 13:00 it’s marginal CU at 2700m with 16kt NW flow and starting to die but likely still high based CU at 16:00 with 18kt NW’ly.

Skysight (12th 20Z) adds around 2 kts more wind and shows it more W’ly by late PM. It’s going to around 2500’ at 11, a pessimistic 6000’ at 13:00, and finallly under CU at 10,000 by 16:00.

The wind is a pain and the cu form late around Warwick, but are going earlier to the West.  There are still high based cu upwind to the NW at 16:30 on skysight with 2-3 kt climbs still leaving the ground (so last lift at cloud base around 17:00?).  Suggest we should be able to get somewhere around 500k done but it’ll be a later start.

KR Fitz.

UPDATE: NOAA 14th 00Z, skysight 14th 16:00L: NOAA has decreased heights a little with 2600m at 13:00 and 2900m at 17:00. Skysight now shows a later start but positively shows high cu to the NW still at 17:00.  Winds are a pain with 20kts locally, decreasing as we go N.  Suggest it’s a N first leg due the wind and the depth of convection being low to the west. Then a westerly leg to keep under the cu, last leg downwind from the high cu base area to the WNW of Warwick. the later start probably means a 12:00 launch, back around 17:30 if those cu are still usable at 17:00 still means close to 500".... but we’ll see!

DEBRIEF: Pretty much right and indeed a couple of 500k+ OLC flights out of Warwick. Late start tho, with Dan off first and struggling early. Climbs to around 2400M AMSL at 13:00 but not the 2600AGL that NOAA had predicted. Highest I saw was 3500M {11,500} so NOAA was right about the 17:00 heights. Skysight was a bit pessimistic about the CU timing as they were roughly an hour early but they formed first exactly as Skysight predicted.

OUTLOOK: NOAA says Sunday is low with 1500M. Next WE shows as 1800M on Sat and 2200M on Sun with a broad profile so a longer day.

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Yes Cuppers we are into the home stretch now and only two more weekends to achieve gliding's Holy Grail.   The weather is predicted to be going ooooorfff as always this time of year so get out there, score points, fly far and have fun ! ! 

.... and just for the Warwick Winter Cup history buffs here are big flights from previous WWCs.    


WWC World Record Overall Longest Handicapped Distance date    distance (km)
Nigel Andrews 31/08/2014   463.05
Errol Spletter 31/07/2011   435.61
Nigel Andrews 30/07/2011   419.61
Dan Papacek 10/08/2014   400.51

and here is the update on the WWC8 Points .....


Pilot Total
Ivor Harris 53
Dan Papacek 51
Sidney Dekker  45
Laurie Simpkins 39
Carl Jacob 36
Stuart Lutton 34
Nigel Andrews 31
Dieter Rosner  30
Brian Gilby 25
Val Wilkinson 25
Phil Southgate 25
Erich Wittstock 22
Andres Miramontes 22
Megan Moore 20
Noel Tesch 20
Scott Johnson 20
Tony Scarlett 20
Michael O'Brien 17
John Preimonas  15
Peter Plunkett 15
Bill Wilkinson 15
Chris Kennelly 15
Craig Napier  15
Mal Williams  12
David Harison  10
Bob Kilpatrick 10
Dave Kinlan 6
Matt Sternberg 5
Jen Llewelyn 5
Clyde Stubbs 5
Peter Foxton 5
Ray Squire 5
David Harison  5
G Vass Bowen 5
L Rose 5
Brian Mahoney 5
C Kenroy 5
Rob Moore 5
Greg Barrington 5
Lindsay Mitchell 5
Jeremy Thompson 5
C Napier 5
Tony Esler 5
Brian Smales  5
Brad Lange  5
Justin Fitzgerald  5
Robyn Becker  5
Amet Ipek 5

WWC8 Distance 


Pilot Date  Distance (km)
Stu Lutton 5/08/2018 324.11
Phil Southgate 5/08/2018 258.96
Carl Jacob 28/07/2018 240.6
Nigel Andrews 5/08/2018 237.93
Laurie Simpkins 22/07/2018 203.62
Michael O'Brien 5/08/2018 194.58
Andres Miramontes  28/07/2018 182.79
Brian Gilby  24/06/2018 181.91
David Kinlan 5/08/2018 140.55
Erich Whitstock 23/06/2018 72.87

and the SLACCA (Self Launching Aircraft Cross Country Award) trophy thingy.

Pilot Date  Distance (km) Rego 
Dan Papacek 23/06/2018 371.01 JS1
Mal Williams  11/06/2018 312.84 ASH31/18m
Hits: 831

Yes it was Really, Really  Gooin Oooooorf !    9 gliders lined up on Sunday, reports of over 9000',  big distances, magic climbs and mind games were at play leading up to and during the weekends classic conditions.   Good Ol' 9kts was phased out by Dastardly Dave's radio calls of "softening conditions" around Warwick and he landed early after aborting a run to Stanthorpe which would surely have given him one foot on the podium.  " Look at me Laurie " tried it on again with a local Allora farmer ... WWCRAP believes there is more to this outlanding story ..... and Sir Sluksy smashes the 300km barrier with 324.11km to wear the yellow jersey into the last few weeks of WWC8  Distance Trophy.

Can King Carl hit back with a 350 km ?  will Ol' 9kts fall twice to same old mental mind game tactics ? (thanks Dave the $50 is in the mail)   Will there be another mid week conspiracy with only three more weekends to go?   It is going down as the greatest WWC yet.....  oh and not a SLACCA  to be seen  (Self Launching Aircraft Cross Country Award)

Get out there !!!!!  the WWC8 finishes at 20 minutes before last light on 31st August....you still have time 

Update on WWC8 Points trophy coming soon....

WWC8 Distance 

Pilot Date  Distance (km) Glider & Rego  OLC handicapped points
Stu Lutton 5/08/2018 324.11 LS8  SL  370.27
Phil Southgate 5/08/2018 258.96 Cirrus GOP 323.18
Carl Jacob 28/07/2018 240.6 Astir WUN 283.32
Nigel Andrews 5/08/2018 237.93 Discus WA 226.12
Laurie Simpkins 22/07/2018 203.62 Fokker EF 264.8
Michael O'Brien 5/08/2018 194.58 Discus BK 218.47
Andres Miramontes  28/07/2018 182.79 LS1 WR 210.56
Brian Gilby  24/06/2018 181.91 HP303 ZAI 218.94
David Kinlan 5/08/2018 140.55 PW6 WGQ 172.85
Erich Whitstock 23/06/2018 72.87 PW6 WGQ 101.17

WWC8 SLACCA (Self Launching Aircraft Cross Country Award) trophy thingy.

Pilot Date  Distance (km) Rego  OLC handicapped points
Dan Papacek 23/06/2018 371.01 JS1 376.44
Mal Williams  11/06/2018 312.84 ASH31/18m 306.85
Hits: 754

Hi Cuppers !

as we enter the last month of WWC8 the WWCRAP just wanted  to provide a quick update on the Distance trophy contenders.  This weekend is already set to go ooooooorrrffff so if you haven't had a crack yet then this weekend could be the one.  Rumour is Good Ol' 9Knots is coming out of retirement (again) and may try to pencil his name on the trophy.  


Results for distance trophy so far with King Carl establishing himself as the major pace setter with a 240.6Km claim  ..

Pilot Date    Distance   (km) Rego    OLC handicapped   points
Carl Jacob 28/07/2018   240.6 Astir WUN   283.32
Laurie Simpkins 22/07/2018   203.62 Fokker EF   264.8
Andres Miramontes  28/07/2018   182.79 WR   210.56
Brian Gilby  24/06/2018   181.91 ZAI   218.94
Stuart   Lutton  2/06/2018   99.59 SL    103.88
Erich Whitstock 23/06/2018   72.87 PW6   101.17
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  Dictator Dan is out of the country so now is the time to strike and get serious in the WWC8 and Distance trophy !   King Carl is leading the pack for the coverted Distance trophy and is determined to scratch his name for fame...


Update of WWC8 Points , Distance and SLACCA (Self Launching Aircraft Cross Country Award) trophy thingy below :


Pilot Total
Dan Papacek 45
Sidney Dekker  35
Ivor Harris 30
Carl Jacob 29
Laurie Simpkins 27
Dieter Rosner  25
Megan Moore 20
Brian Gilby 19
Erich Wittstock 17
Val Wilkinson 15
Phil Southgate 15
Scott Johnson 15
Stuart Lutton 12
Mal Williams  12
Nigel Andrews 10
John Preimonas  10
Tony Scarlett 10
Peter Plunkett 10
Bill Wilkinson 10
David Harison  10
Chris Kennelly 10
Matt Sternberg 5
Jen Llewelyn 5
Andres Miramontes 5
Clyde Stubbs 5
Peter Foxton 5
Ray Squire 5
Michael O'Brien 5
Bob Kilpatrick 5
David Harison  5
Noel Tesch 5
G Vass Bowen 5
L Rose 5
Brian Mahoney 5
C Kenroy 5
Rob Moore 5
Greg Barrington 5
Lindsay Mitchell 5
Jeremy Thompson 5


Pilot Date    Distance (km)
Carl Jacob 23/06/2018   223.84
Laurie Simpkins 24/06/2018   143.08
Brian Gilby  24/06/2018   127.98
Stuart Lutton  2/06/2018   99.59
Erich Whitstock 23/06/2018   72.87


Pilot Date    Distance (km)
Dan Papacek 23/06/2018   371.01
Mal Williams  11/06/2018   312.84


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Warwick Winter Cup 8 (WWC8)

 Yahoo and yeehar ! Yes ‘Cuppers the Winter Cup is back in full swing and we are already 1 month into the three month comp. What a cracker last weekend was too. Updates to come very soon when all the weekend results are in....King Karl, CFI Sid, Dictator Dan, Val and Bill, White Ant Express, Look at me Laurie and the Boonah Boys Brian Winner Gilby and JP all had cracking flights so stay tuned for the WWC updates.

 Yes the WWCRAP committee is back from sorting out the Video Assisted Referee (VAR) problems with that other world competition so our world is all very nice and in a pleasant state of equilibrium yet again.

For our newbies to WWC some quick rules you need to know...you will receive 5 points for just launching behind WPS and enjoying a sled ride. Bonus points are achieved by uploading your trace to OLC (Online Competition) and tuggies receive the average of WWC points for the day rounded up to the next highest number. (The WWCRAP would have written in the rules “rounded up to the next highest integer” but we are dealing with glider pilots after all ....)

 Just a reminder that this year to get your name etched on the WWC Distance trophy and a place in gliding history you will need to launch behind our tug and from Warwick. So all you self launching “competitors” out there uploading outrageous traces to OLC during the WWC and not raising a single drop of sweat knowing you could fire up the old iron thermal whenever you needed it * to get you back home then sorry you will not be eligible this year to win the prestigious WWC Distance trophy. (* Yes the WWCRAP wishes to acknowledge that 9Kts Nigel did try this once in Dictator Dans jet powered JS1 straight after a launch and did indeed produce a little more than just sweat in the cockpit while trying to start the engine and the outlanding minutes later... )

However the WWCRAP will have a special prize/ trophy for you at the annual black tie awards night, which we have named the SLACCA (Self Launching Aircraft Cross Country Award) trophy thingy.



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Heaven’s highway – 25 March 2018

After having suffered Dan’s postings from the day before on Whatsapp which consisted of grinning selfies, sampled beeping vario’s and shots of cloudbase there was no option but to go out on Sunday to see if there was any decent flying weather left over.

Arriving in the mid morning the sky was going Orff in all directions and Denis, Lutsky, Andres and Bill were all busy prepping their steads ready for a day of chasing everywhere across the Downs. Phil was duty instructor and was busy getting his son Jack ready for an instructional flight..so good to start them young. Dan turned up late after enjoying breakfast in Kilcoy together with Brad in the POO cub and kindly offered me a go in the SZD-55. Its just as well he offered as Denis and I had secretly been DI’ing it in his absence. Mal was tug pilot with Val kindly running everyone’s wings I agreed with Denis to do some tag and follow flying seeing this was my first time in ZDZ. I launced at about 1pm as last on the grid.

Last on the grid.

Cloudbase was around 6,000ft and there was a clear wind pattern setting up short cloudstreets in a NE-SW direction and it took me a while to settle in flying the SZD-55 and get used to the instruments and handling but after a couple of thermals I linked up with Denis in the Discus and we set off north first to Clifton then onto Pittsworth having a nice lead and follow where we switched who pushed on and who followed. There didn’t seem to be much difference between the Discus and SZD-55 both are a joy to fly. On the chat channel we could hear Andres and Lutsky had gone Leyburn-Millmerran and as usual ‘jet-man’ Dan had disappeared over the horizon towards the Bunyas. Bill was in stealth mode as there was only one radio call the entire day.

Cloudstreets starting to join up

Just past Pittsworth Denis and I decided given it was 3pm to turn for home and gingerly made our way back in some quite soft air the 4-6kt climbs from earlier were now on 2kts but I could see that the broken cloudstreets were starting to form up so decided not to land just yet and extend the flight down past Leslie Dam. Denis headed home and landed.

I heard Dan on the radio that he was at Cherribah (how did he get there so fast and unseen!) and Erich the red gave a call that he and Noel were in the big wing ASH down at Gore and were heading back to join the cloudstreet which stretched for 70km or more from NSW up to the Range. Erich and Noel must have launched quite late in the afternoon so clearly the day hadn’t died off too early.

Dan suggested we head up the cloudstreet towards Pilton North and I set off first doing 80kts at 6,500ft maintaining the same height for 30km or more. Despite my early start I was quickly hauled in by the two of them who headed past me at a rate of knots. Impressive to look ahead and see that Erich and Dan were scooting almost to the Gatton side of the Range before turning back for home.

Highway to Pilton

Dying cloudstreet on the way back

We all landed just after 4pm. Dan managed a very credible 492.16km (just not quite 500km!) at 108km/hr and everyone else had very credible +200km flights. Autumn flying at Warwick can be a real blast so make the most of it as winter is approaching!

Thanks for the loan of the SZD-55 Dan, what a day!

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The run up to Christmas is always a quiet affair at the club with most members focussed on preparing for the big day when the jolly red man visits from the North Pole. Both Denis and I decided to drive out for some local flying on the Saturday. Skysight was saying there would be showers mainly on the Range and the BOM forecast was for 70% chance of rain with a possibility of a storm, the drive out was showing good cumulus on both sides of the Range already at 9am so the worry was it might overdevelop quickly.

Arriving at the club we had a quick chat with Bill, Tony and Nigel and then got ready to launch by 12.30, the sky still looked epic in all directions. Dieter self launched in the ASH with Sandra on board for some local flying. Nigel dropped me off in a 6kt thermal which got me up to 6,000ft. Time to go north. I tracked towards Millmerran following a nice line of clouds and then headed to Pittsworth. I decided to turn there and head towards Maryvale staying fairly closely to home. Denis meanwhile was taking the first of his two passenger flights.

Tracking towards Maryvale I could see some convergence clouds on the Range starting to move out of the Maryvale valley towards the west so I decided to hook up with these. Convergence clouds have a distinct scraggly look which is always worth looking out for and they are a guarantee of lift being around. I arrived in front of the main band there being a clear 2,000ft difference between the main clouds and the convergence below. I connected with the convergence getting a solid 8kts to 8,500ft. From here onwards it was a case of soaring the front of the convergence as it slowly tracked out west.  I maintained height for the next hour keeping between 8,000 to 8,500ft by just soaring the front of the clouds not needing to 360 at all just doing long S turns in front of the clouds. At one point I had a whispy cloud condense in the middle of my turn jost off my wingtip, simply magical !

Denis connected with the convergence on his 3rd flight and his passengers were simply blown away by the experience. We were so lucky to have the convergence set up when it did. Convergence flying is something that can occur year round at Warwick in a variety of weather situations the key ingredient is instability and light winds from the west which allows the clouds to build up on the Range and then the convergence can then leave the Range to track west before the clouds overdevelop on the Range.

 The only rain we saw all day.

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Just to let people know that we seem to have lost the chat frequency 122.5 to Airways Australia, down in Brisbane. They claim CASA has given it to them. We then switched to 122.7

This was discovered on Sunday and I have sent an e-mail to GFA.

The man down in Brisbane didn't seem all that pleased, even less so when I said that this has been a glider chat frequency for years.

Apart from that, it was a very good day. To quote Michael, "it's very hard to turn your back on a sky like this."

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